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Promote Your Music

Soundcloud is no doubt the best platform when promoting music.

Taking advantage on this opportunity, not to mention millions of its users, all of which have great passion with music, should be a vital practice of musicians both big and small.

Creating sets, sharing tracks, and communicating with other users are all important factors of a good and effective SoundCloud promotion.

Looking at the amount of success on artists that started from SoundCloud, the site is no doubt the most convenient path to become the next big thing in the music industry. To be able to gain the most out of it and reach the widest audience on SoundCloud, here are five super easy tips that can help you with that.

1. Share

Soundcloud is all about sharing your music hence, sharing your tracks is vital. This may not be agreeable to other artists but in this day and age, sharing could be your ticket to stardom. Social networking is one of the most well-loved, past-time activity nowadays hence sharing your soundcloud track whether on facebook, Tumblr and twitter allows you to share it in a larger audience. Soundcloud has made sharing very convenient, there’s no reason for you not to explore, or worse, not to use it

2. Make it Free

Everyone likes the free stuff. Have a free download on some of your tracks and don’t hesitate to release free tracks every now and then. Offering some of your tracks for free will surely make your fan base love you more and gives you a greater chance of selling your music. For a starting artist, this might be detrimental however, just think of it as your stepping stone. Letting go one your tracks and probably even your best single have its benefits. When your song goes to the right hands, fans will not hesitate to spread it for other people to hear it.

3. Comment

The simplest way to gain more followers in SoundCloud is to appreciate and comment on other artists, that are like you, sharing their music in SoundCloud with dreams of making it big. If you feel excited when someone give a heartfelt comment on your track then its best to give the same excitement to other artists or users. By taking time to applaud other artists, you are actually creating an opportunity to get noticed as well. Hence, comment on other SoundCloud tracks and do it with sincerity.

4. Join Communities

Join groups or communities that are suitable to your music genre and taste. When you find the most suitable community, start making friends and submit your tracks. Sharing your tracks to your chosen group is vital to gain more audience and it could even get you a few constructive criticisms. Join groups that makes the most sense and will be most helpful with your career.

5. Follow other artists

Following is a recurring action. Do not hesitate to follow your artist in Soundcloud. If you start following another artist or user, there’s a great possibility that he or she will not only follow you back but also listen to your tracks. This cycle gains you more exposure that you van ever expect.

6. Increase Audience Through Blogging

Other than SoundCloud, you can also gain listeners and increase your audience through blogging. Blogging allows you to talk about your passion on music and your inspiration behind it, you can also discuss your influences in music, how you come up with the tune and so on. Simply put, blogging allows you to be more personal and detailed. Blog beast network helps you blog about your music, website, social media sites, and your youtube channel on multiple networks without the need to open numerous accounts. Without too much effort, you will be able to reach a wider audience to listen to your music and gain fans. Blogging has become a popular tool for marketing, don’t miss out the opportunity.